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About Gorilla Ridge

Trent Burns started Gorilla Ridge in 2022 after successfully purchasing and reselling houses for a year prior  to the company being formed. Gorilla Ridge has bought many houses in the Pittsburgh area and western Pennsylvania and is looking to help more people.

The company has helped people in all different circumstances including people who are looking to sell distressed properties, People who have inherited homes, people facing foreclosure, and more. Trent, also a licensed Realtor is willing to work with anyone he meets. Cash sales are usually the fastest way to sell your home but they may not be right for every occasion. Gorilla Ridge will give honest feedback on your house and give you an idea on all of your options.

"My goal is for everyone I meet have a good understanding of possible options for their property or to have satisfied an agreement that works for everyone. I give honest feedback to the people that I meet and am able to explain everything in detail". 

-Trent Burns

Some Real Life Examples of how we've helped

The Pittsburgh Candy Shop

We recently assisted a homeowner in quickly selling his unique Pittsburgh property, a former candy store filled with antiques and items he was ready to part with. Despite its rich family history and previous rental status, the house had been vacant for years, becoming a burden. Seeking a fast, hassle-free sale, the owner wanted to sell "as is" without sorting through the property's contents. We provided a fair offer and closed swiftly, requiring no effort on his part. During the process, we uncovered and donated historical Pittsburgh artifacts found in the house, contributing to our community's heritage. This experience underscores our commitment to helping owners sell their Pittsburgh homes fast, easily, and with respect for their property's legacy.

The Washington PA Bed Bug House

We  purchased a property in Washington County, PA, facing a significant bed bug infestation. Initially intended for market listing, the discovery of the infestation led to a decision to gut the house entirely. Faced with the extensive work required, the owners opted for a quick cash sale rather than undertaking the repairs themselves. We acquired the property 'as is' at a fair price, reflecting its condition. Notably, this was our second purchase from these owners, and we were pleased to provide a solution again, helping them navigate a challenging situation with ease.

The Canonsburg Townhouse

We recently acquired a townhouse in Canonsburg, PA, from an owner facing medical challenges. Although initially intending to renovate and sell the property himself, his health issues led him to seek a quick sale. Having lived there for years and just completed renovations on a larger adjacent house he moved into, he hoped the townhouse would be refurbished and sold, given its proximity to his new home. The property required extensive updates, including a complete plumbing overhaul due to outdated polybutylene pipes, known for their risk of bursting and complicating mortgage approvals. After purchasing the townhouse, we conducted a full renovation, including replacing all plumbing, and successfully sold the updated home.

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